Aanand Eternal Hospital

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आनंद इंटर्नल हॉस्पिटल हे टायटन शोरूम जवळ,समर्थ नगर,नाशिक येथील मेडिकल फील्ड मधील एक विश्वासार्ह हॉस्पिटल आहे . येथे सर्व प्रकारच्या आरोग्यसुविधा जसे सर्व प्रकारचे स्त्रीरोग उपचार, सुलभ प्रसूती, गर्भाशयाला सूज,गर्भाशयातील गाठी, ओव्हरीज(अंडाशयाला)गाठी, वंध्यत्व निवारण, गर्भाशयाचे आजार, मासिक पाळीचे आजार, कुटुंब नियोजन शस्त्रक्रिया, दुर्बिणीद्वारे शस्त्रक्रिया (लॅप्रोस्कॉपीक)इ. तसेच सर्व प्रकारच्या पोटाच्या शस्त्रक्रिया ,अपेंडिक्स ,हॅर्निया ,मूळव्याध,दुर्बीनेद्वारे शस्त्रक्रिया (लॅप्रोस्कॉपीक),अतिशय माफक दारात पुरविल्या जातात . या हॉस्पिटल मधील उच्चशिक्षित डॉक्टर्स आपल्याला रोगाच्या अचूक निदांना सोबत त्यावरील सुयोग्य उपचार करण्यात सदैव तत्पर असतात, तसेच रुग्णांना योग्य व चांगल्या प्रकारची रुग्णसेवा देण्यास प्रयत्नशील असतात. हॉस्पिटल हे रुग्णसेवेसाठी लागणाऱ्या सर्व काही अत्याधुनिक उपकरणांनी सुसज्ज आहे ज्यामुळे रुग्णांना अतिशय चांगल्या प्रकारचा उपचार मिळू शकेल . येथील डॉक्टर्स,नर्सेस व हॉस्पिटल मधिलमधील इतर कर्मचारीवृंद रुग्णांना व रुग्णांच्या नातेवाईकांना सहकार्य करण्यात नेहमी अग्रेसर असतात.सदरील हॉस्पिटल आपल्याला रुग्णसेवेसाठी लागणाऱ्या अचूक रोगनिदान व त्यावरील योग्य उपचार , हॉस्पिटल मधील सुखसोई व सुरक्षितता यासाठी कटिबद्ध आहे.

Aanand Eternal Hospital is one of the well-known hospitals in Nashik. Established in the year 2009 Aanand Eternal Maternity & Nursing Hospital was started by Dr. Anand R. Tambat (M.S OB. GYN), D.N.B (OB/GYN). the hospital has come to be known for its excellent, personalized and progressive care for women. Dr. Anand Tambat has done his MBBS from Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical Collage in 1997 & then after finishing his internship and one year of medical officership for the service of rural & poor population, done his Masters degree in Gynaecology from K. E. M. Hospital, Pune in 2002 & also excelled in examination of National Board, New Delhi ( D.N.B.) in 2004. He was the top-ranked student in the subject of Obstetrics & Gynecology & has a reputation of being a sincere & dedicated person in this field. He is also an Associate Professor in Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical Collage, Hospital & Research Centre, Adgaon Nashik. Being a Post Graduate Teacher & Guide, now he is extending his knowledge in producing best Gynecologist, who will work in every corners of the world. He has achieved expertise in performing non descent vaginal hysterectomy (one without prolapse) & is striving to master for each & every problems related to Obstetrics & Gynecology. Besides Obstetrics & Gynecology, we also provide services in the field of general surgery & medicine with the help of experts in the respective field. Anaesthetists are available round the clock to provide emergency services & to help in painless delivery. Hospital is also well supported by services of pediatricians round the clock. The hospital is located in the heart of city i.e at Mahatma Nagar, Nashik. It is a very strategic location convenient for the patients and their relatives. The Hospital is well equipped with all modern medical facilities & approachable staff. Every patient is given personalized attention & care during the treatment, there is one to one interaction between Dr. Anand Tambat & patients throughout the treatment.


Specialist Available

  • Gynecologist
  • General Surgeon
  • MD Medicine
  • Pediatrician


  • 24 hours Pharmacy
  • Laparoscopic Surgery (Obs & Gyn)
  • Hystersonosalpingography Hysteroscopy
  • High-Risk Pregnancy Care
  • Gynaecology
  • General & Laproscopic Surgery
  • Female and Pediatric Urology
  • Diseases in Pregnancy
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • 24 Hours Security
  • Vaginal Prolapse


Day Timing
Sunday 24 Hours
Monday 24 Hours
Tuesday 24 Hours
Wednesday 24 Hours
Thursday 24 Hours
Friday 24 Hours
Saturday 24 Hours


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