Dr. Gaurav Roy

ENT Specialist

MS - Otorhinolaryngology, MBBS

College Road


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Dr. Roy ENT Clinic and ENT Speciality Hospital is known for housing experienced ENT Specialists. Dr. Gaurav S. Roy, a well-reputed ENT Specialist, practices in Nashik.

Dr. Roy has been practicing for the past 10 years. He is trained in advanced endoscopic ENT surgery, Laser, Skull base and Coblation Surgeries which are among the latest technologies used in ENT surgery. He is also trained in Maxillo facial trauma surgery from Mumbai. He has a keen interest in Sleep Medicine with success in curing snoring in various patients.

Dr. Roy has a keen Interest in Skull base surgeries and routinely operates high-risk skull base tumors with his Neurosurgeon colleagues.

Dr. Roy is an ENT Consultant at Wockhardt Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital, NIMS hospital ( Gangapur Road) and an Honorary ENT Consultant at various hospitals across Nashik.

Dr. Roy ENT Clinic and Speciality Hospital has an excellent OPD with OPD based endoscopy and also has a well-equipped operation theater with the latest equipment from the USA (Stryker system), German Operating Microscope, Debrider, Coblation and German Storz Endoscopes and best of instruments.

Dr. Roy is a specialist in Endoscopic Ear Surgery which he is the First to do in Nashik. In This Technique, it is Stitchless Ear Surgery done using the latest Endoscopic Method with no stitches or Incisions externally. (The patient can walk home in 2hours after Surgery)

Dr. Gaurav Roy has an excellent OPD with OPD based diagnostic endoscopy for Ear Nose and Throat Endoscopy that helps make the precise diagnosis; Dr. Roy an also has the most equipped operation theater with the latest Equipment from the USA (stryker Operating endoscopy system), German Operating Microscope, German Storz Endoscopes and best of instrument

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